Generative AI and the Power of Creative Storytelling in Advertising

By Tommaso Vaccarella

Generative AI and the Power of Creative Storytelling in Advertising

An activity of telling or writing stories with different narratives and visuals, storytelling plays a large part in connecting with consumers. In the advertising world, creative teams play important roles in creating connections between consumers and companies by recognizing trends that allow for the best possible results. 

According to statistics, 75% of campaign effectiveness is driven by successful creatives so brands are always looking to develop the best possible ad experience for consumers. The workflow of brainstorming and ideation to development, personalization, deployment, and measurement can be time-consuming and expensive, which is where GAI comes in.

Brainstorming & Ideation

As the first step in the storytelling and ad experience workflow, brainstorming and ideation has traditionally been a time-consuming and often expensive process involving focus groups, surveys, and extensive research. Now, with the help of Generative AI (GAI), the advertising industry is finding new ways to streamline the creative process and deliver more personalized, engaging content to their target audiences. Advertising teams take vast amounts of data, including social media trends, customer behavior, and market research while using GAI which in turn helps use the information to aid in storytelling at the center of the ad. Much of this part of the process is reliant on the human ideas & expertise of advertising and creative teams, something that will not be replaceable.

Building Creative Assets

Once the ideation process is complete, the next stage of the creative workflow is building the creative assets themselves and personalizing to make sure the message they want to convey reaches the right consumer. GAI-assisted tech, like NEXT’s Creative Studio Co-Pilot, proves to be an incredibly transformative tool in this stage of the process, helping to automate and streamline asset creation & automation. Combining human creativity with GAI at this stage allows brands (and their agencies) to quickly generate high-quality content and save a significant amount of time and money. 

Our AI-assisted Creative Studio incorporates advanced features that allow for true storytelling personalization, such as image generation, video prototyping, and natural language processing, to name a few. Furthermore, Connected-Stories NEXT leverages enterprise-grade Generative AI-empowered to be scalable, reliable, sustainable, and secure, with the ability to handle large volumes of data. 

With the use of our pre-trained models, we allow clients to quickly generate high-quality unconventional formats that they can use as personalized data-driven ads. Its transformative power is unlocked by our users’ human involvement, a creative coupling of organic human and artificial intelligence to tell a story and create something rooted in the human experience. 

Real-time Personalization

At Connected-Stories NEXT, data-driven personalization is imperative to the creative storytelling process, and GAI is certainly changing the way advertising teams approach it. With the assistance of GAI in our tech’s Personalization System, it’s now possible to create highly personalized content in real-time, based on the individual preferences of each user. For example, if a user has previously shown an interest in a particular product, GAI can be used to generate ads that specifically target that user, highlighting the features and benefits of that product. This level of personalization can help to increase engagement and drive conversions, ultimately leading to a more effective advertising campaign.

Creative Intelligence & Measurement

Understanding creative performance is arguably one of the most important components of measuring ad personalization success, so of course, Generative AI has its application when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of a creative’s storytelling. Our Creative Intelligence dashboard currently leverages machine learning on the back end that measures creative performance, audience engagement/behaviors, and provides recommendations for optimizations. In the near future, we’ll be interfacing GAI into our Creative Intelligence system, experimenting with data visualization based on natural language descriptions. 

The Moral

Generative Artificial Intelligence can and will continue to play an important role in storytelling as a tool for securely automating ad experiences. From end to end, tech like Connected-Stories NEXT makes the human/AI interface a seamless part of the personalization workflow. It allows for greater connection, engagement, and interaction. We make complex disciplines like prompt engineering and model fine-tuning easy for creative storytelling & ad experience creators, what more can you ask for?