Google Cloud Next ‘24: announcing GenAIssance Studio and Text-to-Live images integration

Our team was just in Vegas for Google Cloud Next ‘24, and we’re back with some exciting news!

During last year’s edition, we took the stage in San Francisco to unveil GenAIssance, our creative module entirely powered by Generative AI. It was the first time we introduced Leo, our conversational interface designed to help users develop their creative strategy and generate prompts for personalized content creation.

At Google Cloud Next ‘24, we went one step further and unveiled our all-new GenAIssance Studio, featuring a new and improved version of Leo – now also able to generate personalized ad creatives based on natural language instructions. A powerful development that will significantly reduce the time and complexity required to create personalized content. “With this innovation,” said Tommaso Vaccarella, Co-Founder and General Manager, “it will now be possible to create, in a fraction of the time, all the elements necessary for a successful advertising campaign, which the platform will then dynamically adapt and in real-time to appeal to the target audience.”

Tommaso Vaccarella, Co-Founder & General Manager of Connected-Stories, announcing GenAIssance Studio at Google Cloud Next '24.

But that’s not all – we also announced that we’ve started integrating Google’s Text-to-Live images features. Newly announced on the Google Next ’24 stage, this new set of capabilities will allow users to create short video clips based on simple text descriptions, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for creating on-brand, engaging content for marketing and advertising campaigns.
As they’re still in testing mode, these features will be made available to our clients upon general release, further enriching our existing suite of GenAI features. 

In the meantime, are you interested to know more? Head here to get a sneak peek of GenAIssance Studio and sign up to get exclusive updates about new developments!

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