The ChatGPT Wave: Exploring the Potential of Generative AI in Creative and Advertising

by Claudio Vaccarella

Blog title courtesy of chatGPT

Image generated with DeepAI

These are exciting times for anyone interested in or developing applications for AI in every sector, including advertising. We’re seeing Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) go viral on social media with image generators, editors, and chat AIs that can answer basically any prompt. What makes intelligence like this even more exciting is the fact its ability to produce original and unique content, rather than regurgitating existing information. As AI formats like these are widely accepted, used, and even played with, this diverse AI format is growing faster than expected. In particular, one AI research company has broken through the noise and negative bias about AI: OpenAI and their recently released AI- ChatGPT. Released in November, they processed queries from over 1 million users in a matter of 5 days – creating buzz and increased interest among a mainstream audience. 

Businesses are experimenting with AI to develop marketing content for social media and beyond. Still, we are far from the days when we solely rely on GAI to create original marketing and advertising content. In order to achieve this, GAI algorithms need to go beyond their current format of learning from existing frames of perspective or historical analysis. We believe that until then, there isn’t a practical advantage to using AI in a holistic manner to develop a complete marketing narrative, but rather by leveraging it to create the narrative’s components or micro-narratives. 

Marketers’ minds – including their experience, perspective, and creativity – are still needed to effectively apply GAI to any brand messaging strategies. GAI works best as a tool to develop micro-narratives such as copy or visual elements (a background, button, frame, etc.). In this sense, GAI micro-narratives can be immediately applied to multimodal content. When GAI-generated CTAs or buttons are combined with original advertising and messaging elements, that creative instantly becomes personalized advertising. 

This kind of development is necessary as brands look to stand out in a crowded, competitive advertising field. It’s especially important in channels like video and CTV, which are expected to be the main drivers of ad growth in 2023, and possibly beyond. 

At Connected-Stories, we are already experimenting with GAI with our partners, developing methodologies for assembling GIA micro-narratives within multimodal content for CTV and video advertising. This is all made possible within NEXT, our Creative Management Platform. We believe the future of Generative AI in creative and advertising is incredibly exciting, and holds enormous potential to revolutionize the way we create and consume content.