What Advertisers Should Know About the 2020 Holiday Season

The holiday season is a crucial time for advertisers, marketers, and media agencies. While Q4 is normally a booming quarter, this year there are many challenges that businesses will face, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic still growing. This guide will walk you through the biggest challenges you can expect—and how to turn them into opportunities.  

The Advertising Challenges of the 2020 Holiday Season 

The Pandemic

For many consumers, the holiday season means waiting in lines on Black Friday and packing into stores to buy the latest gadgets, clothing, and jewelry. However, with so many people still working from home, brick and mortar businesses will see a reduction in in-person activity. As a result, online sales will skyrocket as 75% of U.S. shoppers expect to do their shopping via the web

Google’s 4MB Max Ad Size

Google recently updated Chrome to block ads that strain network bandwidth and battery life. For example, ads can no longer exceed 15 seconds of CPU usage in a 30 second period or 4MB of network data. Google’s goal is to improve content experience (CX) by blocking advertisers that utilize cumbersome ads. While this is a win for users, some advertisers will struggle. 

Advertising Opportunities for the 2020 Holiday Season 

The challenges discussed above can also be opportunities, provided you find the right tools. Google’s updates are making online personalization and engagement more difficult for marketers, which is especially troubling when the pandemic has made businesses so dependent on web sales. 

That’s where contextual advertising comes in. Marketers need ads that are optimized based on where the user is in their journey, editorial context, network quality, language, device, and location. 

Dynamic creative optimization is designed to do just that. It uses machine learning to continuously change ads based on browsing history and each consumer’s preferences. As a result, your ads will choose the ideal display environment for the user, show the right CTA at the right time, and only display relevant elements to the shopper. You’ll see far better performance, especially for low-funnel campaigns.  

How to Take Advantage 

Taking advantage of these opportunities for the holiday season will come down to finding the right contextual advertising tool. Here’s what to look for:

  • Dynamic video ads, as they’re highly engaging and skirt the banner blindness problem.
  • Real-time, data-driven creative generation and orchestration.
  • A contextual and probabilistic optimization system.
  • Managed services by a team of data scientists, CX designers, and customer support specialists. 

Sounds complicated? Stick around for our next blog post, where we’ll explain how Connected-Stories makes dynamic video ads simple and fast.