OMD and Connected-Stories launch McDonald’s first interactive video DCO campaign

OMD and Connected-Stories launch McDonald’s first video strategy with interactive and dynamic video formats for the reopening of McDrive. Through a number of dynamic and personalized video ads, McDonald’s aims to showcase personalized offerings based specifically dedicated to different audience segments within the video ads themselves.

Through Connected-Stories creative management platform, McDonald’s, OMD and Leo Burnett dedicated teams have been able to work together seamlessly and synergically bringing to life a unique data-driven video strategy. That allowed to personalize creative content at scale with efficacy and efficiency, further strengthening the link between media planning and creative strategy.

With a programmatic media buying strategy ever more focused on targeting specific audience segments, Connected-Stories platform allowed OMD and Leo Burnett to create four different video templates as the baseline for then, while live, dynamically assemble automatically each creative iteration based on the audience being exposed to the content in real-time.

Thus, each single user has the chance of experiencing a slightly different content while also being able to interact with a map and get directions to the nearest McDrive based on the user’s geolocation. All of this, without ever having to leave the video itself and without disrupting the user experience whatsoever.

For the entire campaign’s flight, always-on starting from July, OMD’s team will be able to monitor each single creative performance constantly and grasp granular insights regarding each audience segment and their user behavior utilizing them, not only to optimize creatives, but also buying strategies on DV360.

The use of creative management platforms such as Connected-Stories help brands, media, and creative agencies to bridge the gap between planning and creative strategies exponentially improving communication efforts and the user experience across the web. Whoever gets exposed with online advertising content, basically anybody who has access to the internet, demands, now more than ever, a seamless, engaging, and personalized experience creating value for all stakeholders instead of annoyance.