How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping Online Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere these days. We often hear the frenetic addresses of passionate geeks as we shrug to hide our A.I. confusion.

The infinite possibilities of A.I. have transformed industries. This includes finance, medicine, e-commerce and many more. And Marketing hasn’t been left out of the trend.

Its application is used to streamline repetitive tasks or bring precision to digital campaigns. Some use cases even automate content creation.

Marketers, if you ever felt a visceral anguish of missing the wave, fear not. We’ve got your back.

Above all, A.I. has become a remedy to the expectations of modern consumers.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

First things first: simply put, Artificial Intelligence, or A.I., refers to a machine capable of performing tasks normally done by a person.

A.I. shines with its unique ability to learn from new information. It deducts logical actions from it, and execute them in place of humans with an ever-growing precision.

For example, show the machine five images of an apple and label them accordingly. It will then be able to recognize the fruit amongst a library of other pictures.
If you’re wondering, yes, this is how Google Image works.

So what does all of this have to do with marketing?

Digital Marketing and AI: A Growing Revolution

A.I. is slowly transforming advertisers’ workstyle.

Its applications span from automating processes to creating unique experiences for audiences.

Above all, A.I. has become a remedy to the expectations of modern consumers.

As competition grows between brands, viewers are taking drastic measures against ad overload, bugging pop-ups, and impersonal spams.

This is where A.I. becomes a game-changer.
An intelligent machine can bring an unmatched level of automation, relevance and personalization to advertising.

While it can boost marketers’ efficiency, A.I. mostly plays a leading role in building a positive brand perception and loyalty in the audience’s mind.

AI Marketing in Practice

Bringing Prediction with Customer Segmentation

A.I. helps marketers understand their audience with precision, at all times.
With the right tools, campaign managers can easily measure the behavior, demographics and interests of their prospects.

Based on these insights, A.I. can further automate precise targeting, based on prior segmentation. As a result, the machine would only display the ad to the most relevant audience at all times.

This approach has proven to boost the results of advertising campaigns, with higher engagement rates and conversion.

Generating Curated and Tailored Content

Dynamic creative optimization (DCO) tailors an ad to the audience exposed to it, based on a set of predefined rules.

This A.I. tool changes banners, videos or messages dynamically according to users’ demographics. These factors especially include language, location or timing.

DCO applications are used for mass-personalization and ad curation. This technology streamlines the deployment of international campaigns, and makes omnichannel advertising a no-brainer.

Predicting Campaigns Needs with Data

The frontiers of A.I. bring prediction to the next level.
For many years already, Data have driven entire campaign’s strategies. A.I. now uses past data to recommend the most curated content, the best timing, or the most impactful channels through which to distribute an ad.

But the future lies in Prescriptive A.I. Now based on live data and continuous learning, A.I. will be able to recommend, and soon automate key improvements in real-time.

The results will offer individual viewers a series of content always more precise and relevant, in line with their unique needs and interests.

Connected-Stories and AI: an All-In-One Solution

Today’s applications of AI have automated the habits of Marketers, and bring their campaigns to an ever-higher level of precision.

And Connected-Stories have surfed the A.I. wave from the beginning.

We have developed the first Creative Management platform to launch and manage personalized, measurable and interactive video advertisement.

We democratize A.I. to generate curated and relevant content, in line with the expectations of targeted audiences.
We also contribute to building the future of A.I. Marketing at the service of creatives and strategists.

We use our expertise to build advance predictive and prescriptive tools and together, shape the future of the industry.

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