Live Preview Suite: The Remote-Friendly Platform for Strategic Advertising

On March 30th, an international lockdown put a majority of our global economy on hold. The resulting measures have had a tremendous impact on the way we create, share and interact with advertising content. 

If the pandemic transformed our Marketer’s habits, it also brought to our workflow what we strive to offer every day to Brands: Innovation.


At Connected-Stories, we wanted to play our part in helping Digital Agencies transition into our new world. Answering the challenges resulting from Working From Home has become our priority. 

Most of all, we wanted to help our partners thrive today, better than they ever did before. Beyond a remedy to the lockdown, we wanted to offer a final answer to systemic hurdles. What about efficient work with different teams, or convincing clients of a visionary idea? Or how to make the most of complex campaign analytics?


We are pleased to introduce Live Preview Suite, our new set of features making working-from-home delightful. 

Our tool streamlines collaboration between different teams, pitching storytelling ideas and demo creative strategies to clients from the comfort of one’s homes. 

Live Preview covers every step of a campaign success, in line with the new expectations rising from remote work. 

From designing data-driven campaigns in hours, to measuring campaign results and optimizing content in real-time, our comprehensive Suite answers all needs in a single platform. Our team of experts also provides the support needed to implement content strategies efficiently. 


Our strategic tools help boost the efficiency of your creative process. Use its functions to align campaign strategy throughout your organization, and validate results with your clients.  

Our Context Simulator adapts the interactive content displayed to the demographics of your chosen audience. Browse between parameters and integrated assets. You can define your context, including localization, timing or user’s intent, and preview your targeted campaign live. 

Once produced, our Video Player displays a preview of your final advertisement. You can thereby witness your video enriched with personalized adds-on, banners and interactive content.

As your campaign runs across digital channels, our technology measures your campaign success. Our Dashboard then provides actionable insights to help improve your ads in real-time.


We are convinced the worldwide lockdown permanently transformed our professional interactions. Despite the challenges created by external events, remote work brought a positive change. Both our professional lives and the environment will benefit from our new remote habits. And these habits are here to stay.

This is why Connected-Stories continues to develop new features, and always strives to put technology at the service of its partners. 

Thanks to our creative management platform, we offer the highest standards of interaction with client Brands. Our Goal? Make virtual relationships always closer to real-world experiences.

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