IAB June 2020 Report: Video Advertising is All About Connected-TV, Interactivity and Measurability

A summary of 2020 Video Advertising Trends: it’s all about dynamic and data-driven strategies.

IAB U.S. recently issued its June 2020 Report on Digital Video Advertising.

Through various surveys performed on media agencies and advertisers worldwide, the Association confirms the rise of Connected TV in digital Advertising investment, and the new trends around video interactivity and measurability.

Indeed, despite the impact of COVID-19, the average investment on Connected-TV ads has increased by 8% since 2019, reaching today’s record of $16 Million average spend per advertiser. 


The excitement around Connected-TV results from its potential for targeting precise user segments, enabling their engagement right within video ads. 

As a result, digital strategies which encourage action, such as clicks, downloads or purchases, have become a priority for 70% of advertisers.


If interactivity has become a major advertising trend, its efficiency fully relies on Big Data. 

In that regard, both measurability and data-driven optimization are key arguments in support of Connected-TV. 

Advertisers reported monitoring performance daily, and leverage on the possibility for real-time improvements.

The goals? Making the most of their campaign budget and guaranteeing the impact of their ads.

Read the IAB’s Report here.