Omnicom Media Group Italy chooses Connected-Stories Creative Management Platform as Premium Partner

Omnicom Media Group Italy partners with Connected-Stories to enhance its data-driven offer with the startup’s creative management platform.

Through this partnership, Omnicom Media Group, widely nowned for the use of data and audiences in all advertising strategy and planning processes, confirms the increasing importance of personalized content, thus closing the gap between media and creative strategy.

« Historical moments like one make us understand the importance of content personalization and the uniqueness of what we communicate», says Marco Girelli, CEO of Omnicom Media Group. «Collaborating with Italian tech startups making a difference in the global market, has always been a strength and pride for Omnicom Media Group. Our close relationship with Connected-Stories allows us to offer the highest quality services to our clients, and plan for both today’s and tomorrow’s expectations. »

In our current market, consumer attention and user profiling have become the most precious resources for a brand. Through the power of data, media strategies have been increasingly looking at the programmatic world. However, successful brands already understood that the use of data should not be restricted to the media buying phase, as it is not the only component affecting campaigns’ performance.

Advertising cannot afford to remain static and one-sided. Online campaigns are not only about delivering a message, but they are a chance for brands to engage directly in dynamic conversations with their audience thanks to their interactive components.

Thanks to Connected-Stories’ creative platform, OMG can now offer to its customers an end-to-end management of all aspects related to video and rich-media creations. From the automation of creative processes to the detailed personalization of the campaign’s content, Omnicom’s customers now have the opportunity to build creative, data-driven campaigns, personalized automatically to every user throughout the customer journey.

For Connected-Stories Founder and CEO, Claudio Vaccarella, this collaboration is a proof his company can adapt as fast as advertising leaders requires. 

«We are grateful Omnicom selected our solution to offer its customers an innovative approach to the production and distribution of advertising content. We created our platform three years ago and it’s great to see how our product already sparks the interest of a global group like Omnicom. This collaboration is the recognition that our team and platform are able to manage the complexity and scalability that a global group requires. »

Connected-Stories, a startup with offices in Italy and the United States, takes advantage of both big data and the precision of machine learning to insert relevant information and interactive elements dynamically into video ads in real-time.

«The importance of content personalization allows us to raise the bar in our advertising initiatives, thus completing our communication process based on data/audience, which has always been one of our strengths. This will increase the effectiveness of all phases of the funnel, improving several KPIs and increasing ad-recall and interactions down to the generation of leads or sales. We now offer our customers and partners an enabling technology for Addressable TV and other media, transitioning from a static to an interactive form of communication » says Davide Tremolada, Director of OMG Tech & Media activations.

But the value brought by innovative technologies shouldn’t be outbalanced by a difficult use. The platform was designed to be as streamlined as possible for advertisers.

« Advertisers must strengthen the effectiveness of their interaction between consumers and brands, but they also require intuitive tools to bring this relationship to life » explains Connected-Stories Sales Director Luca Marconato. «Our mission at Connected-Stories is to put the most advanced and effective technologies at the service of creatives, media buyers and marketing experts. That’s why we strive every day to make our platform always easier to use, without ever impacting its potential. »

About Omnicom Media Group

Omnicom Media Group is the world’s leading media network, creating end-to-end solutions for customers, anywhere, quickly and efficiently. Data, customer needs and knowledge of consumer behavior are at the heart of everything we do. The activities of Omnicom Media Group include the communication and media services of the OMD, PHD, Hearts & Science networks and also Omni @ in Italy, as well as a series of companies specialized in the multimedia communication sector. We offer unparalleled market influence, specialized skills and experience leading and innovating in all types of media. Omnicom Media Group is the multimedia services division of Omnicom Group Inc. (NYSE: OMC), the world’s leading global advertising, marketing and communications company, powering over 5,000 customers in more than 100 countries.

About Connected-Stories

Connected-Stories offers disruptive innovation for the marketing communications and advertising industry as the first Creative Management Platform that connects brands at every touchpoint of the consumer journey. In our constantly evolving consumer-centric omnichannel model, Advertisers, Creatives, Data and Media Professionals collaborate to bring engaging, informative and relevant video advertising strategies to life, across any screen and through a single hub.
HyperTv, Inc., with offices in Rome, Milan and New York, is the company behind
Connected-Stories and responsible to keep on evolving and improving it.