Triboo Group expands its advertising offerings with new interactive videos: StorySelling and Engagemotion.

“The technology that we have applied makes advertising an intelligent element that memorizes user behavior and preferences in order to provide users with the best user experience”

Francesca Grilli, Sales & Marketing Director at Triboo.

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The two solutions were implemented by the group thanks to the collaboration with HyperTV and will be available from September also in Programmatic

From the consolidated experience in the management of digital campaigns for hundreds of e-commerce sites of the Triboo Group, with a network of over 20 million unique users, a new set of interactive video formats is born, capable of responding to the emerging strategic needs of customers in the digital advertising through a mix of Artificial Intelligence and Data Driven Strategy.

Thanks to the collaboration with HyperTV, Triboo Group has created the Video StorySelling and the Video Engagemotion, two solutions that, starting from a simple preroll, which is an advertising video format positioned before the editorial video content, allow for non-linear sequence of content, special effects, interactive call to actions, integrations with the eStore cart and data collection form.

“The technology that we have applied,” says Francesca Grilli, Sales & Marketing Director of Triboo’s Media and Advertising Business Unit, “makes advertising an intelligent element that memorizes user behavior and preferences in order to provide users with the best user experience, allowing advertisers to reach their communication goals better and faster. The stimulus to make use of a video in an interactive way, rather than passive, represents the element of innovation that we are sure will ensure important results both in terms of engagement and call to action “.

Thanks to an advanced technological solution, every user interaction is used to outline the behavior of the formats in real time and therefore maximize the results: from the position of the interactive elements to the content selection and the targeted device. Interactive videos are also transformed into display formats to guarantee adequate frequencies and reinforce message display even with retargeting. Starting from September the solution will also be available in Programmatic.

That of video is an increasingly strategic area in the Digital Marketing area: according to data released by the Osservatorio Internet Media of the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano, the format that has grown the most in 2018 in the Online Advertising sector in Italy was indeed video, with a total investment of 870 million euros, up 24% compared to the previous year.

“The in-depth knowledge of the Digital Advertising market made available for e-Commerce”, says Marco Cappellini, Digital Marketing Director of the Triboo Business Unit Agency, “guided us in this project, which aims to combine typical solutions of the performance world with those of the media world. The new interactive video formats created confirm Triboo as the only reference point in the e-commerce landscape capable of understanding consumers behavior at all stages of the conversion process. All this was possible thanks to the transversality of skills and professionalism that characterize our group “

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